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Remember Me

Before life began, God created and hand-picked you to join your earthly parents to fulfill a purpose. Then God breathed.
In Remember Me, artist and author Angie Hill Klein walks us through the stages of life and shows how we’re never alone as we navigate our purpose-filled journey back Home. This story of hope encourages readers of all ages to remember where we came from, remember where we’re going, and always keep our eyes on Him.

Sadie Tells the Bees

Sometimes help comes from the most unusual of places. When Sadie experiences her first loss, she discovers a family secret that awakens her faith. In Sadie Tells the Bees, celebrated artist, Angie Hill Klein, shares a heartwarming, coming-of-age story based on the old tradition of “telling the bees.”

After Sadie’s grandma passes away, Sadie finds herself following in the footsteps of those before her: confiding in the bees, learning how to cope with loss, and finding hope and peace in return.
Sadie Tells the Bees paints a beautiful picture of the rhythm of life and the harmonious balance between nature and Sadie’s family—the stewards of the land. Through the queen bee, we learn that changing seasons and loss are a part of life. Sadie encourages us to see the beauty, love, and blessings all around us. And most importantly, we learn that heaven and the people we’ve lost are always closer than we think. Buy your copy now.